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We assert with our goals to provide quality legal services to our client with reasonable cost in this 30+ years.  Following the economic transition and development in Hong Kong, we are expanding our legal services whether in Hong Kong, Mainland China and worldwide. ‍ Our firm has participated in the Hong Kong Housing Authority’s sale of Home Ownership Scheme, private property developers and the Hong Kong Housing Authority’s Home Ownership Scheme and Tenants Purchase Scheme, which handles sales and purchasing not less than 80,000 units. ‍ Our firm’s clients, including listed property developers, our firms on behalf of all its processing acquisition, demolition and reconstruction and split units sold.

Fan & Fan Solicitor

The firm also assists listed companies in participating in various government tendering projects, including the construction of hospitals and environmental protection facilities. The firm also provides services in conveyancing law, Chinese business, corporate and commercial law, civil and criminal litigation, personal injury, company liquidation, personal bankruptcy (including IVA), matrimonial proceedings, trademark registration, mediation, arbitration, probate and inheritance and civil celebrant. By the economic reform and opening up in mainland China, the trade between China and Hong Kong is increasing. Our firm has provided commercial contracts for clients in China and Hong Kong, and also handled arbitration cases arising from commercial disputes between China and Hong Kong.